About Us



Easy Does It Counseling is headquartered in Colorado serving Alaska, Colorado, and Louisiana residents by providing LGBTQIA-, neurodiverse-, and suicidality-focused online counseling. Easy Does It Counseling will soon be servicing those in Hawaii with an anticipated date of January 2024. 

Easy Does It Counseling’s team of Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) therapists are trained in cultural linguistics, alliance-based suicidality treatment, and neurodiversity models ready to support you from a place of humility and partnership. Treatment is not done to you; instead, collaborative constructed options are presented to you to honor your self-determination, self-agency, and self-concept.

Our online clinic was founded and is QBIPOC-owned and -ran by Dr. Ezra Lockhart. Dr. Lockhart is Kanaka ʻŌiwi from the island of Oʻahu (Aboriginal Hawaiian) and is part of the neurodiverse and queer communities. Dr. Lockhart has 20 years of healthcare experience, a doctorate, two masters’ degrees, dual licensure, and numerous specialty certifications focusing on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD/ADD, anxiety disorders, and addiction. They have assessed and assisted approximately 15,000 individuals experience suicidality. They have practiced in metropolitan and rural locations with extensive expertise in rural healthcare having lived in Alaska for 26 years, traveled to nearly 120 villages, lived in an Indigenous village for 8 years, and international travel and study in places like Australia.

All staff receive weekly training and supervision by Dr. Lockhart. As such, our clinic is closed on Thursdays for in-service training and case supervision. Working with any team member means working with Dr. Lockhart and their unique therapeutic approach.

Easy Does It Counseling uses the WPATH protocols to evaluate, refer, coordinate, and prepare those seeking to transition their gender. Gender-affirming services provided include individual counseling, couples counseling, family therapy, social skills development planning, WPATH evaluation, HRT referral, suicide assessment, family reunification, and psychoeducation. Training and supervision of the next generation of gender-affirming counselors and mental health providers is also our mission.


I am proud to have founded a business that supports both counselor and client in being free. Freedom is being able to move, express, talk, relate, love, and create yourself into whomever you want to be without fear of hate or violence. We want to support this mission and those who desire to embody it and live it.

Queerness has always been an identity I was forced to hide as an AMAB. It was not until after I completed my doctorate and began my business did I place myself in a position to be myself free of discrimination and hate. I now want to assemble a team of BIPOC and queer therapists who can now be their authentic selves while serving their communities.

In order to be an effective counselor, Dr. Ezra Lockhart will mentor you with two simultaneous approaches–systems thinking and the self-of-the-therapist.

Systems thinking contextualizes identifiable problematic behaviors and situations within the context of:

  • clients’ and their family systems’ conceptualization of the world;
  • their values and core beliefs;
  • their relationship to the world; and
  • their evaluation, navigation, and management of accessible resources.

We will explore together, and I will honor and value the self-of-the-therapist, your philosophy of therapy, overall worldview, strengths, values, and beliefs. I mentor you as you develop your professional identity, while working towards integration of the-self.

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