Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

Easy Does It Counseling offers one-on-one counseling with an independent professional counselor or a counselor-in-training supervised by Dr. Ezra Lockhart. Working with a counselor-in-training is similar to working with Dr. Lockhart as your provider will be meeting weekly to discuss your care and receive direction. Our professional counselors are trained in co-occurring disorders and differential diagnoses. This means you are not stuck with or defined by a label, and issues are simultaneously worked on.

  • Gender-affirming therapy
  • Psychoeducation on the 4As
  • Psychopathology testing and assessment
Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Easy Does It Counseling offers couples counseling for nontraditional unions and relationships. Our professional counselors understand the queer community and the various forms of love. Our professional counselors are trained in gender-affirming, self-defining identities with cultural humility and linguistics at the core of our support.

  • Pre-marital counseling
  • LGBQTIA+ relationships
  • Polyamorous relationships
  • Attachment style-based therapy
  • Marriage counseling
Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Easy Does It Counseling offers family therapy that appreciates intergenerational transmission of trauma and messy coping. Our professional counselors use various approaches to improve familial relationships, especially families trying to negative sexuality and gender identity differences.

  • Transgenerational therapy
  • Strategic therapy
  • Structural therapy
  • Family reunification after gender and sexuality rejection

Insurance Accepted