Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision

External clinical supervision is a way to improve your quality of care in counseling, screening, assessment, treatment planning, referrals, and aftercare through healthy tension between administrative and clinical supervision. Advisement on ethical and legal considerations is an essential part you will be supported in.

Clinical supervision will cover:

  • Case conceptualization
  • Counseling skills
  • Suicide assessment
  • Self-care plan
  • Licensure plan

Accepting counselors-in-training and interns via online or phone supervision working towards:

  • Alaska – marriage & family therapists (e.g., MFTC) and addiction professionals (e.g, CT, CDC I, CDC II)
  • Colorado – professional counselors (e.g., LPCC), marriage & family therapists (e.g., MFTC), and addiction professionals (e.g, ADDR, CAT, CAS)
  • Hawaii – marriage & family therapists (e.g., MFTC)
  • Louisiana – marriage & family therapists (e.g., MFTC)

For in-depth information about Dr. Ezra Lockhart’s philosophy and approach to clinical supervision download here.

NBCC & AAMFT Approved Supervision Philosophy of Supervision Dr. Ezra Lockhart

Dr. Ezra Lockhart possesses a rich and diverse array of experiences that have shaped their career in healthcare:

  1. Extensive Healthcare Experience: Dr. Lockhart has accumulated 20 years of healthcare experience, indicating a deep commitment to the field and a wealth of knowledge in various areas of healthcare delivery.
  2. Educational Achievements: With a doctorate, two master’s degrees, and dual licensure, Dr. Lockhart has demonstrated a strong academic foundation and a dedication to continuous learning and professional development.
  3. Specialty Certifications: Dr. Lockhart holds numerous specialty certifications focusing on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD/ADD, anxiety disorders, and addiction, indicating a specialized expertise in these areas of mental health.
  4. Suicide Prevention Work: Having assessed and assisted approximately 15,000 individuals experiencing suicidality, Dr. Lockhart has amassed considerable experience in suicide prevention and crisis intervention, highlighting their dedication to supporting individuals in times of acute mental health crises.
  5. Diverse Practice Settings: Dr. Lockhart’s professional odyssey encompasses a rich tapestry of practice settings, from bustling metropolitan hubs to serene rural locales. Their journey includes significant roles such as serving as the inaugural program manager for Colorado Crisis Services in Denver, Colorado, and teaching in Canada’s Counselling Graduate program. Additionally, their experience in Sydney, Australia, adds a global perspective to their repertoire. This diverse exposure reflects Dr. Lockhart’s adaptability and expertise in addressing mental health needs across varied landscapes, from urban centers to remote communities.
  6. Cultural Sensitivity and Inclusivity: As a member of the QBIPOC community, Dr. Lockhart practices cultural humility, recognizing the limitations of their own cultural understanding and continuously striving to learn from their clients’ diverse cultural backgrounds. Being Kanaka ʻŌiwi from the island of Oʻahu (Aboriginal Hawaiian) themselves, as well as being neurodiverse and queer, their lived experiences inform their approach to fostering a safe and inclusive therapeutic environment for clients from diverse backgrounds.
  7. Global Cultural Exploration: Dr. Lockhart has traveled extensively, experiencing diverse cultures and environments around the world. In Costa Rica, they visited provinces like Heredia, San José, and Guanacaste. They also explored the United Mexican States, particularly Estado Libre y Soberano de Baja California. In the Commonwealth of Australia, Dr. Lockhart pursued their master’s degree and participated in the International Scholar Laureate Program in Medicine & Science, visiting notable landmarks such as Wenthworth Falls and Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. They ventured to the Republic of Fiji shortly after Cyclone Winston and completed a daring 10,000ft tandem skydive. In North America, Dr. Lockhart has visited 12 US states, including Hawaii and Alaska, where they lived for 26 years. In Alaska, they resided in the native village of Utqiaġvik and provided vital technology access and mental health services to indigenous communities. They’ve explored stunning natural landscapes, from Gates of the Arctic National Park to Hawaii’s Diamond Head Summit Trail, enriching their understanding of diverse cultures and environments.
  8. Clinical Supervision Experience and Approach: With 7 years of experience as a clinical supervisor, Dr. Lockhart brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guiding and mentoring therapists in their professional development. Their approach to supervision is collaborative, systemic, and culturally sensitive, aiming to support supervisees in honing their counseling competencies, ethical decision-making skills, and clinical acumen. They provide a supportive and nurturing environment for supervisees to explore their strengths, challenges, and areas for growth while adhering to legal and ethical standards in therapy practice.
  9. Mentorship and Professional Guidance: Dr. Lockhart’s commitment to the growth and development of counselors extends to a diverse array of students, trainees, and professionals across various organizations. With over two decades of experience, they have mentored and provided invaluable guidance to numerous individuals, including over 200 graduate students, clinical supervisees, and licensed professionals. At organizations such as the Colorado School for Family Therapy and Yorkville University, Dr. Lockhart has supervised and mentored graduate students in various courses, including cultural diversity, group counseling, crisis intervention, and addiction counseling. Additionally, their mentorship extends to counseling professionals seeking specialized training, with a focus on enhancing clinical competencies and fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment for all.
  10. Authorship: Dr. Lockhart is also an author, having written several books that contribute to the field of mental health. Their works, including the Emotionally Empowered series, offer practical guidance and insights for individuals looking to enhance their emotional well-being and navigate interpersonal dynamics effectively. These books reflect Dr. Lockhart’s dedication to empowering individuals to lead fulfilling and emotionally rich lives.
  11. Presentations and Publications: Dr. Lockhart’s professional contributions extend to both academic discourse and public engagement, reflected in a rich body of work comprising 40 presentations and 23 publications. Their presentations encompass keynote addresses, conference sessions, and workshops, covering topics ranging from internet gaming disorder to global trends in suicide, with engagements in countries such as countries such as India, Japan, Slovenia, and the United States. In publications, Dr. Lockhart delves into scholarly articles, investigating phenomena such as the lived experiences of MMORPG players and social-emotional skills interventions. This diverse portfolio underscores their commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering dialogue on critical issues in psychology and public health on a global scale.
  12. Awards and Grants Recognition: Dr. Lockhart’s outstanding contributions to the field of mental health have been acknowledged through numerous awards and grants, totaling 45 awards and nominations, along with 8 grants awarded, amounting to an impressive $803,721 in funding. These accolades and funding opportunities underscore their exceptional dedication and impact in the realms of counseling, supervision, and advocacy. Through their exemplary work, Dr. Lockhart has garnered recognition for their innovative approaches, leadership in research, and commitment to advancing mental health services.

Overall, Dr. Lockhart’s experiences reflect a multifaceted career characterized by a dedication to mental health advocacy, suicide prevention, cultural sensitivity, and providing high-quality healthcare to individuals from all walks of life.


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